Do you have to strive for bigger and better?

Oct 7, 2022

Do you feel the pressure to be ‘bigger and better’ all of the time? To be constantly improving?
You feel the need to change things for the better but you can also be really hard on yourself. You keep adding things to your plate, but you’re already so tired. Sound familiar?
The thing is, it’s not you. We have been lead to believe that unless we’re striving for ‘bigger and better’ then we can’t be happy. I believe that in chasing ‘bigger and better’ we can put our happiness on hold and become crushed under the weight of expectation. We worry that if we don’t achieve it, we will let people down. The truth is, the people who really matter will love you anyway.
What if the biggest gift you could give yourself was acceptance? Acceptance of where you’re at. Acceptance of who you are. Acceptance that you don’t need to do everything “perfectly”.
This doesn’t mean that you’re giving up or that you are lazy. It means you can shed the weight of those expectations, shrug off some of that inner criticism and start taking steps towards the changes you want to make from a place of grounded confidence rather than fear.
It may not be easy, but it might be the best work you ever do. If you feel called to bring in a little more acceptance and work out why you’re not experiencing this already, why not send me a message and we can talk about next steps.


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