Do you hold yourself back?

Mar 12, 2022

Recently I had a pain in my shoulder. I tried all the usual things – exercise, stretches, painkillers, massage – and yet it persisted. After a few weeks I accepted that I would probably need to get some professional help but for some reason, I was resistant. I told myself all kinds of stories – “I haven’t got time, I don’t know where to go, it’s going to be expensive, what if I spend the money and it doesn’t work anyway?”
Eventually after a group coaching call (nothing like a bit of accountability!) I checked out some reviews and booked an appointment with a chiropractor. The result? Pain-free almost instantly after the appointment and an exercise programme to help prevent it happening again. I was left wondering why I hadn’t done this sooner!
Does this sound familiar at all?
Many women who consider coaching come to me with similar concerns. They may feel that something in life is not quite right, they know deep down that I can help them find that contentment and balance, but they might tell themselves things such as:
“This is just how it is, I’m lucky compared to some people”
“Maybe it will get better if I just have a holiday or read that book I downloaded on finding contentment and being super productive in 5 easy steps”
Or they may have concerns such as:
“What if I discover something I’m not ready to handle?”
“What if I spend money on coaching and it doesn’t work?”
Sometimes when we dig under these concerns, there are deeper beliefs we have about ourselves that prevent us from putting ourselves first. But the truth is, it is not selfish to invest in yourself and there is nothing that you cannot handle with the right support and guidance. An investment in yourself is never a waste.
When you look after your own wellbeing, you are in a much stronger place to look after others. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself booked in for that thing you’ve been hesitating on – whether it’s a screening appointment, a massage, or a life-changing coaching programme, take the leap of faith!


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