Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose coaching?

Professional athletes have coaches, they recognise that in order to perform at their best under pressure they may need a little help to get there. Have you heard the saying that behind every great CEO is a great coach? It’s a well recognised avenue of support in sport and in business but the healthcare industry is only just catching up to the benefits of coaching.

Clients who come to me for coaching often have questions such as:

  • “I don’t know what I want, but I don’t think it’s this”
  • “I’ve lost my sense of self and motivation, how do I get it back?”
  • “How do I move forward and continue to grow without upsetting the balance I already have?”
  • “How to I rise to this new leadership challenge? I’m not sure if I’m qualified for it…”
  • “How do I make a difference without burning out?”

Coaching is focussed on action and the future. We may delve into your past to identify patterns of behaviour that aren’t serving you but only so much as to move you forwards.

Coaching provides accountability. You may have action steps to do between sessions, many clients find this motivational because they know they will be reporting back to their coach at the next session. And if you haven’t done it? It’s not a place for judgement, but for exploring what got in your way and tweaking things for next time.

A coach is a bit like a tour guide. You may know where you want to go (or you may just know you don’t want to be where you are), and sure, you could get there by yourself but you may not have everything you need to get there. You may get lost on the way and you may miss a lot of cool things while you’re focusing on the map and trying to find your way. A ‘tour guide’ can expertly help you to navigate the journey, point out interesting optional detours along the way and will get you there much faster. If you decide that actually you’d like to change the route and go somewhere else, they can help you do that with more ease – and probably less blood, sweat and tears!

What does leadership really mean?

Leadership doesn’t only mean leading a team, an organisation or a project. It means leading your own life in a way that feels congruent to you so that you can make your difference and show up in an empowered way with the people around you. 

Coaching can help you to connect with your core values and sense of purpose and to develop your leadership skills so that you can positively influence those around you and understand where your unique skills can make the biggest difference.

How do sessions work?

1:1 sessions are usually held on zoom and can be arranged at a mutually convenient times, either weekly or bi-weekly.

How much does coaching cost?

Coaching is an investment in yourself and your future with the results rippling out positively to everyone around you. Imagine if for the price of a holiday you could have results that last way beyond the first day back at work and serve you for the rest of your life.

I find the best results come from a bespoke programme designed to support you towards the outcome you want. The programmes I offer range from pro-bono coaching on a limited basis with paid packages starting at £749.

Book a complimentary call to discuss your current dreams and challenges. I will give you a no-obligation run down of how I could help – and if I don’t think I can help you? I promise to tell you and direct you to someone who can.

What if it doesn’t work?

I know it can seem like a big leap of faith but once you get started you will start to see big shifts in the way that you think and your ability to see things about yourself that you just couldn’t see before. These are shifts and skills that will stay with you for life.

I’m scared things will change too much and I don’t like change!

I get it! Often people worry that they will come to coaching and suddenly realise they want to leave their job, get a divorce and move country! While that may be right for some people, the much more common scenario is that you just get a little more space to breathe, to step back and assess what does make you happy and are supported to put those changes in place at your own pace. We decide on what to focus on together and you control the pace, fully held throughout the process.

I’ve had therapy before, will coaching be appropriate?

Therapy and coaching are different modalities. This is something we can discuss in your initial discovery call. In general, coaching focuses on the future and is action-focused. You can absolutely have both and may find them to be complimentary.

All sessions are trauma-informed.

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