The Introvert’s Guide To Christmas

Dec 17, 2021

I get it. You love Christmas, you love your family and you have all these wonderful ideas of how to spend it together and make it meaningful…but when it comes down to it you can find yourself exhausted at the prospect and needing some alone time sharpish, as soon as the celebrations kick off.
The Christmas season can be an overwhelming time for us introverts, especially if you are highly sensitive. With endless invitations to get-togethers, marketing coming at you left, right and centre screaming “buy buy buy!” and a heightened need to manage family relationships as the big day approaches; managing your energy can be really tricky at this time. Whether you love Christmas or you’d rather just forget all about it but don’t know how to convey that diplomatically, this is the guide for you.
To access my top tips on how to guard your energy and turn Christmas chaos into calm click here:


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