What does Joy mean to you?

Oct 16, 2021

What things in your life make you feel joyful? Where in your body do you feel it?
Joy is something we often neglect. We can get so busy in the ‘doing ‘of life, running from one task to the next, mind racing with a to-do list, that we forget to just ‘be’.
What can you do this weekend to experience joy? Perhaps a walk amongst changing autumn leaves, a pillow fight with your partner, a pumpkin trail with your kids or a hot chocolate and a good book? The important thing is to choose something that brings You joy, it’s personal.
Notice how you feel after being present for these moments.
Now consider, how can you bring little moments of joy into the every day.
⭐ How can you bring joy into your morning routine? Some people like to get up 10 minutes earlier to enjoy a hot drink and listen to the birdsong, for others it’s an extra alarm snooze in their comfy bed!
⭐ How can you bring joy into your work? Working in healthcare can be so busy and stressful, especially at the moment.
Noticing and focusing on the joyful moments and bringing those in purposefully can be really helpful. It can be a little moment of humour shared between colleagues, the satisfaction of a good interaction with a patient or even the moment you slip into you PJ bottoms at the end of a long day!
If you feel like you’d like some help bringing a little more joy into your life and making the change stick then get in touch at beckitaylorsmith@gmail.com. I believe you can make a difference without compromising on contentment and fulfillment and I’d love to help you achieve that.


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