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Becki encourages you to go much deeper than most other coaches so you get much more out of the sessions.

Prepare to do some inner work. Any investment is well worth it and you will be amazed at where this journey will take you! 

Don’t think too long about it as she may not have space when you decide.

Siobhan Reilly, Professor

I was feeling a bit lost/directionless, hopeless, finding things difficult and complex. 

Best outcomes: creating space for different ways of working through difficulty, reviewing my values and what it means to cross them, reflecting on my inner ‘pusher’

Becki is fantastic at holding space to allow different ways of thinking through problems which may have been long learnt behaviours. Coaching can help reflect on solution focussed ways out of complex problems. She has an incredibly calm and non-judgemental energy which helps things flow.

1:1 coaching client, GP

Becki is kind, understanding and gives plenty of space to explore what’s coming up for you. She has a range of tools to work with you and what you’re finding difficult. 

The voice dialogue was absolutely incredible and easy to access. I’m still stunned about some of the learnings that came out of this work.

Becki gave me a safe space which made it easy to open up and find out what’s really going on under the surface. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Kirsti, 1:1 coaching client

I would thoroughly recommend Becki. I feel her knowledge, understanding and compassion are outstanding. As she has awareness of medicine, the environment and coaching she is ideally placed for anyone who is struggling with the anxiety and despair of either medicine or the environment – but doubly so if both are involved.

The sessions are guided, but with opportunity and encouragement to explore a host of personal issues, Because each area and topic can be discovered in detail, it means the answers were found, not given.

Spending some time, effort and investment on me is a new concept! Working with Becki ensures a sense of satisfaction in being able to escape one’s own predicament with her helping hand. I have a better understanding of my drivers, blockers and barriers – for example, recognising I have a ‘pusher’ who drives me to achieve, but sometimes gets carried away has been very important. Knowing when to listen to my ‘pusher’ and when to say ‘thats enough’ has been key for me.

Matt, GP and Environmental Consultant

Becki’s gentle ability to facilitate the sessions was wonderful & genuinely quite amazing. She helps carefully walk you through your thoughts and access your subconscious mind without influencing or imposing her own thoughts on you which is quite a skill.

She created a safe space that allowed me to open up and be completely honest, and lead me places I never imagined we would go, adding so much value to the process. Her holistic approach helped me to realise that every aspect of my life holds relevance in how I present myself in any situation – professional or personal.

I am so pleased that I chose to embark on this coaching programme with Becki, it sounds cheesy but it has been life changing. For the first time in 7 or 8 years, I feel truly happy and at peace. I look back at the stress I was carrying with me previously, and I’m sad that I wasn’t able to overcome it sooner, but I’m so grateful that I finally have, as I had got to a point where I didn’t think it was possible and really just felt very low and lost.

I feel empowered to take control of my professional and personal life, to make decisions that are right for me and my family, holding them as my most important priority, rather than fearing change. I’m calmer, more relaxed, and don’t feel I have to make the most of every minute of every day to get fulfilment. I’m being kinder to myself and more accepting of me

Ros, GP

“I felt fully supported by Becki…my own goals changed a number of times and I was listened to and felt that Becki's questions helped me to clarify my thoughts and prompted me to take action I may otherwise not have considered. The process was both interesting and challenging and I could not have had better support with it.”
1:1 coaching client

Got a little bit lost in myself in terms of career, personal and home life. No sense of direction or purpose. Becki helped me identify what mattered the most to me and use these as a focus to move forward. Also helped me unlock new opportunities by helping me recognise where I might be holding myself back, and how to free myself. Definitely a lot more focussed and self-aware with her guidance. Most grateful!
Sam, GP

This was a helpful ‘alternative’ form of coaching from my perspective. My experience is that other coaching sessions despite what they claim to be, always seem to have more of a ‘business’ or organisational orientation. Additionally, work related courses sometimes seem to arise from an anticipated problem rather than a genuine intention for self development. Instead, this felt as if it was very much just for me. Perhaps because it was something that arrived with me totally independent from work and was therefore more truly in the realms of self-development.

It enabled me to think about my orientation/modes of responding to different situations and people. It explored learned childhood behaviours/ways of thinking which needed exposing, in order for me to understand the implications these have for me (and have had historically).

More importantly, the archetypes have been enormously helpful in identifying how my response to situations is amenable to change but requires me to change my worldview and my patterns of thinking. Therefore the power starts within, not something that always requires someone else to do something or for a situation to change. On this basis I see that this has enabled me to be more open minded, receptive and adaptable.

1:1 coaching client

Thank you for such an insightful day. I really appreciated being able to cover so much throughout the day and engage with our group in reflection. I felt this day gave me the space to really think and feel in a way that would not routinely be possible. I am grateful we could finish with exercises around active hope. Thank you
Emma, registered nurse

Group participant

I thought the open atmosphere created early on was helpful in encouraging everyone to get involved in an honest way – we were able to ease into the day by discussing day to day successes and challenges around work, which helped to set the scene before the activities that prompted deeper thinking.

The part I found helped me the most was during the ‘work that reconnects’ session, where we had to talk for a few minutes to a partner about our answers to some ‘big’ questions, and then listen to them do the same. I thought the instruction for one person to talk at a time (rather than a usual conversation) was really helpful as it allowed each person to develop their answers fully. For me, it takes me some time to develop my thinking around deep questions and phrase my words in a way that best represents what I feel, and if I hadn’t had a few minutes to talk, I may have deferred to my partner and not reflected as much. Even those few minutes were probably not long enough for me, and I continued to think about my answers afterwards, which I think was another positive from the session.

During this session Becki was walking around the groups but not necessarily listening in- I felt this was a great style of facilitating the session and maintaining the open environment. We briefly fed back round a table, and during that Becki probed our answers slightly for a bit more detail. I appreciated that as it helped me to translate the thinking into ‘ok, what am I going to do about this now’. I really enjoyed the whole day- I felt I was consistently encouraged to go one step further in my thinking, but at the same time it felt relaxed and unpressurised so I was able to be honest.

Group participant

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