You don’t have to get every “berry”

Nov 13, 2022

We’ve just returned from a busy weekend away. Time to ground ourselves and harvest this week’s produce from the allotment. As I harvest a bumper crop of raspberries my mind wanders to concern over the fact I’m pottering around in thin leggings and harvesting raspberries in mid-November.
Then the birds bring me back to the present moment and the feeling of my fingers becoming warm and red from the squished soft berries. Before I know it, it’s starting to get dark and I’ve hardly noticed the time passing. I have to remind myself that I don’t have to get *every* berry.
I wonder how often you do that in life?
We can find ourselves so focussed on the “berries”, contorting and stretching ourselves into uncomfortable positions to reach them and hardly noticing the time passing, barely stopping to look around.
How often do you allow yourself to let some of them go?
I decide to just pick the best ones, leave the rest for the birds and head home to cook.
Which “berries” do you want to focus on this week? Which ones are you going to consciously let go of?


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